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Why the “Highest-Rated” Security Systems Are The Most Dangerous for Your Home…

Stop Criminals Forever by avoiding these “Single Points of Failure” in Your Property..
Are you a homeowner in Canada?
Have you ever felt worried about the rising rate of crime around your home and neighborhood?

Have you ever reported a case to the police only for them to inform you that they will not be able to solve the crime?

Have you ever seen a criminal with lots of evidence against him be charged only to walk away freely sometime later?
And guess what? Though all of these thefts happen over and over, no one seems to have the right security that stops or prevents it from happening.

Even if an arrest happens, if it happens too slowly, like weeks or months after the crime, the criminals have very little to fear.  According to Mafia expert – Antonio Nicaso, Canada has a lower risk of detention and conviction than any other country in the world
There is a better way.
Darren Boyer
Founder of Lightcatch
"After analyzing thousands of property crimes, we discovered that homeowners who got 500% better results against criminals were using this secret!"
My name is Darren Boyer, CEO & Founder of Lightcatch. I help homeowners and communities live safer. I got into this after designing and then funding a free crime prevention app called Lightcatch.  The app would get tremendous results over and over but there was still a big problem.
Did you know that when it comes to home security, the best reviews can become your worst enemy? As you will soon see, these so-called 'best reviews' are already leading you to a false sense of safety because the best rated systems often have the most single points of failure.

If you have ever bought a security camera system by yourself, then you would have probably searched Google or Facebook to find the best security camera systems to use. And when searching the logical thing to do is to check out reviews on some of the best home security cameras.

What the reviews never include is how effective the system is to actually prevent crime.  Judging by the millions of the same crimes that happen over and over, every year, these popular, highly rated systems may have actually made property crime worse.  

No one tells the owners of these security system that they will be constantly exposed to multiple single points of failure.

What are single points of failure?

“Single points of failure” are usually the unknown and misunderstood failure points that lead to rampant homeowner crime against people who feel they already have good security. According to British Mathematician De Morgan, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong…” This means that if there was ever any loophole in your security system, that loophole will always be exploited, sooner or later.

Our mission at Lightcatch is to help eliminate false senses of security, and to get a level of security that is proven effective.   We call this method the Crime Blocker System. With The Crime Blocker System, all your single points of failure drop down to zero.
According to British Mathematician De Morgan, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong…” This means that if there was ever any loophole in your security system, that loophole will always be exploited, sooner or later.

A perfect example of this type of security that Lightcatch provides was that of a young couple who left their garage door open and went to bed at night. They had enjoyed a wonderful day as a family after the husband had just come back from working away for 2 weeks.

And then a thief came in.

Between 12 midnight and 4 am, the criminal is caught on video, stealing everything of value in their garage.

Now with just a doorbell camera, they would have had nothing against the criminal. All of those highly rated cameras would have got nothing. They would have lost everything.

With the Crime Blocker System, they had a security camera in their garage. Because of this, we knew what this thief looked like. And within 24 hours, the police were 45 minutes out of town, and they were standing in front of her stripped-down truck, and they told her, “This man when we find him, he will not get out of jail. He will get a sentence for this.”

Because with our system, they had arrested the criminal within such a short amount of time he was nailed behind bars.

If that camera had not been in the garage when the alarm system failed (because they forgot to arm it by not closing the garage door), the criminal could have gotten away with it. This is a classic example of the importance of avoiding single points of failure like these people did.

But because they had at least 3 layers to their security system, the camera system in the garage bailed them out, they got the guy, and he went to jail.
Most homeowners don’t know about these single points of failure and their consequences.  We at Lightcatch have come up with a special game plan that gives you zero points of failure. We call this system the Crime Blocker.

Crime Blocker is a revolutionary approach that will not only stop criminals from getting into your property, but it will also help connect your system with a community of people who will help you track the criminal until the police arrive at their final destination.
The Crime Blocker is the culmination of many years of research, and it’s very different from anything anyone has ever done before. I’m excited to share it with you.

Our end goal for Crime Blocker is to make property crime so difficult for criminals, that even the worst addict or most hardened repeat offender will think twice before ever getting close to your home or property.

And how can it help you stop crime from ever happening in your home or property?

The Crime Blocker uses several systems that all work together. This means that your property must have a security system that meets our Crime Blocker System, in order to achieve zero-points of failure.

First, we oversee upgrades to your current security so that every blind spot on your property is resolved. We do this by giving you quotes you will approve from a local security system provider around your area. These local security providers are specialized in delivering these high-quality security systems.

Then, they assess your property, and based on this assessment, they will give you a quote for everything you need for the Crime Prevention Process to work effectively.

With this foundation laid you will now have a security system that is far more useful and reliable.
The Lightcatch app is already proven effective. People who report on the app quickly already get a 55-80% recovery rate for thefts. The Crime Blocker is designed to make sure that this 55-80% recovery rate, and even higher, is achieved.

If a crime happens on your property, you won’t need to search for the right police department’s phone number, or find their website, or wonder if you need to call 911.

You will be able to email the video footage to Lightcatch or create the alert on your mobile. We now see what you see. We can then use our expertise, along with your red flag to act on your behalf.
Criminals usually escape when a crime is reported late. But with this Crime Blocker, you will NEVER waste one extra minute dealing with questions on whether you should report or not, or face any possible wrong accusations.

Today, calling 911 can only get you so far. 911 is limited because it can not receive video or images. The police only have text descriptions of what to look for. They get that information as soon as you’re done being on hold with 911, and you are forced to repeat everything back that you saw at least twice.

But with the Crime Blocker, you will never have to worry about remembering details under duress. The only thing you do is to send a clip, and the Lightcatch Canadian-based Operations team will take it from there.

No matter how far you may be from a police detachment, you won't ever feel alone and helpless again.

So how much does the Crime Blocker cost?
Crime Blocker
Review the Crime Blocker System risk-free for $88 and get instant access to our Bonus Package FREE (a $1200 value)
Get 400-1000% Better Protection
- Home Security that stops crime before it happens.
- Home Security that is up to 500% more effective if a crime does happen. ($1200 value)
- Create clear alerts on Lightcatch in 10 seconds. Without typing anything.
- 24x7 Operations team to support any incidents so you don't have to. ($300/yr value)
- It all ads up to 4-10x better security than homeowners without Crime Blocker.
Don’t be left out from protecting your home against any trends of rising crime. Remember, homeowners involved with the Crime Blocker are already getting 400% – 500% better results!
Here’s Everything You Get When You Act Now:
☑ Crime Blocker Blueprint
We review every detail of your property security, ensuring multiple systems are all coordinated together, to get your property to match our Crime Blocker System.

We may need to get 1-2 proposals from local vendors for upgrades on your behalf.

☑ SiteSafe
SiteSafe raises your ability to send the high quality footage captured from your Home Security to Lightcatch in less than 10 seconds.

We created an ingenious system that is never connected to your security so your data remains private and secure. (For the techies there are NO API'S, firewall holes, or configuration changes to your security system required. All of that stuff is creepy when it's connected to someone's home security system!)

SiteSafe takes 10 seconds or less to create an alert when you need it. It also ensures 100% of what the community needs to support you, is provided.

 ☑ Lightcatch 24/7 Operations Team Support
Everyone needs to stay on the same page.  If information comes flooding in, someone needs to ensure the police are updated in a way they appreciate and can use.
PLUS Your Special Bonus Package
  ☑ Homeowner Safety Score Report 
A special comprehensive report on your property which you can provide your Home Insurance Company. This report identifies why your property is now at a much lower risk from theft.
With this written document you can qualify for as much as a 15% discount on your property insurance. While some insurers only offer a 5-10% discount, by coming prepared with a clear and effective home safety plan, you will have as much negotiating power as possible. $100-$400 per year value.
☑ Referral Rebate 
Refer a customer to the Crime Blocker plan and we will give you a $100 rebate. The new customer will get a $100 rebate as well. Both of you save $100.

If you refer a second customer they will get a $200 rebate, and you will get an additional $300 rebate. The 1st customer will also get an addition $100 rebate.

So you get a $100 rebate first and then a $300 rebate for $400 total to you. Each of the new customers also get a $200 rebate making up to $400 in rebates for the two new customers.
This is Up to $800 in value.

Everyone will save while even more crime is being prevented.
Links to share the referral coupon are available after purchase. 
No Risk Guarantee
If even one crime happens on your property, the next 12 months are free.
✔ Our mission is to help everyone live safer. We back this mission up with a No-Risk Guarantee for Crime Blocker customers.

✔ If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Crime Blocker service and you want your money back we will refund 100% of your purchase price or give the next 12 months service for free.

✔ If you are not satisfied for any reason with the service Lightcatch delivers in this plan and you want to cancel, we will refund 100% of your purchase price.

✔ If this service isn’t everything you expected, simply contact customer service at and we’ll return 100% of your money, no questions asked. It’s that simple.
✅ As a Homeowner I understand that
✔ The Crime Blocker Blueprint requires motion lighting, security alarm systems, security cameras and more to work together effectively.

✔ Lightcatch will first confirm if my existing security systems can be incorporated into the Crime Blocker Blueprint. If that is not possible, then local suppliers will provide a quote for all the items that will be needed.

✔ I must approve a vendors’ security proposal before they can commence procurement and installation.

✔ As a residential property owner, I may need to spend between $50-$95 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ As a rural property owner, I may need to spend $70-$120 every month on a 3yr agreement if I don’t have any security system right now. (Or I can pay for the equipment upfront if I want to)

✔ I must have an approved system that meets the Home Blocker Blueprint within 60 days of starting the plan.

✔ There may be one-time installation costs for outdoor lighting or other items.

✔ Links to share the referral rebates will be made available after purchase.
Act NOW for Crime Blocker
+ Bonus Package
✔ Home Security that is up to 500% better ($1200 value+)
✔ Create clear alerts on Lightcatch in 10 seconds 
24x7 Operations team to support any incidents so you don't have to. ($300/yr value)
✔ Insurance Safety Report (up to $400 value)
✔ Referral Rebates (up to $800 value)
✔ Performance Guarantee or your money back.

 Crime Blocker is only $88/mo for the first 12 months and then drops to $14/mo after that.
If even one crime happens on your property, the next 12 months are free.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:Why pay for Crime Blocker when Lightcatch is free?
A: Most homeowners aren’t able to get the full value from Lightcatch because their home security does not alert them effectively.  For example, 80% of homeowners create alerts over 1 hour after the event.  This time delay is far too late to get the best results.  Crime Blocker is designed to stop this from happening by helping ensure a property owner can create an alert right at the time of the event.  Crime Blocker is also designed to create alerts before a crime happens, right at the time someone starts trespassing.  

Users of Lightcatch do not have good video that is useful to see the crime and or the items stolen over 99% of the time.  IT isn’t just Lightcatch, we see these same failures to be able to communicate clearly with video happen with crime reports in the news media and on social media.  Yet our data showed clearly that the few people that do have security systems that can record an event clearly get over 500% better results.  We also knew the costs to get security camera technology that worked this well was fairly low cost.  By helping property owners solve the issue of not having good security camera footage Crime Blocker is doing something that Lightcatch can not do.

Crime Blocker then ensures a police level quality communication of the facts and what is needed are communicated with every alert.   This clear alert quality is something that 95% of property owners are not doing effectively..  

Our Police Advisory Board member provided the Lightcatch Operations team the process on how to get an alert up to police level quality.  When we started implementing this training the theft recovery rate increased in Central Alberta from 40% in May 2020 to over 80% success in October 2020.  We were so convinced this was needed we then performed the same steps for 3 Cities and 10 Counties the next year for every single alert that came in for free.  The recovery rate in those regions averaged 50% for stolen items while the recovery rate in other areas stayed below 25%.  So Crime Blocker ensures everyone gets a service that works twice as effectively as the average Lightcatch user.   As soon as the property owner presses the send button to share the clip they want on Lightcatch the entire process is done automatically for them.  

Finally, as a Crime Blocker customer, the Lightcatch Operations team will review every single update the community provides and will improve it just as they make the original alert police level quality.  We then communicate with the creator and update the police with the information provided.  These are steps a free Lightcatch user can do on their own but Crime Blocker customers have it done for them.

Since not everyone owns property not everyone needs Crime Blocker.

Q: I have security already, why should we buy this plan?
A: Assuming you already have every single step we would recommend in the Crime Blocker Blueprint taken care of your risk profile is still much higher than a Crime Blocker customer.  

Most crimes take under 10 minutes. This means that in over 90+% of crimes the police can not make an arrest while the suspect is on the property.  Therefore, even with a perfect security system there is still a really big problem in trying to catch a suspect, arrest them and to have those charges stick.  

Since 911 services can not forward pictures or video the police will also need to find the suspect without a clear image of what to look for.

The Crime Blocker service gives a property owner the ability to send a video clip in under 5 seconds.  The entire community nearby is then alerted with clear video, a clear location, a good description of the event and certainty that the police are involved.  All of these details increase the effectiveness of Lightcatch significantly.  In the case of thefts we see most victims online get a 5-20% success rate.  Crime Blocker customers can get as a high as 80% success rates from theft while creating much more effective deterrence.

(When we find a security system that does actually line up with the Crime Blocker Blueprint it is like finding a white grizzly bear in the wild.  White grizzly bears exist but they aren’t seen very often.  This is similar to finding a home security system that has all the steps in place to effectively prevent and stop crime.  They aren't expensive, but the steps are very rare.)

Q: What about my privacy or unauthorized access to my cameras?
A: There is never any access to your security cameras or alarm systems via Lightcatch or by Lightcatch staff. Your privacy and security camera systems are under your control and are private to you at all times.  

We use no API connections or administrator access of any sort to your security company.  There is a very secure wall between your information and any part of the Crime Blocker service.  The only security camera clip our team will ever see is the one someone who has access to your security camera mobile app sends Lightcatch via email.

Q: Who is this for?
A: Crime Blocker is for residential homeowners.  For Crime Blocker at commercial locations or for the Community Crime Shield program for Municipalities contact Lightcatch.

Q: What if my internet service quality is poor?
A: In many areas where there is no reliable wireless, cellular, cable, fibre or satellite coverage there may still be a practical options.  In our experience, poor internet coverage is much less of a barrier than people expect it to be.   As Lightcatch most often partners with local providers who know the best local options we can work with them to overcome this obstacle.  

Since our services have a money back guarantee there is little risk except your time if sufficient internet service is not available.

Q:How can you contact the police for me?
A: Our experience in frequently contacting police departments, our training to describe information with police level quality and our ability to often provide data before a crime has even finished unfolding make conversations with police and 911 departments very effective.  

By the property owner getting an alert from their monitoring company, and then forwarding the security clip to Lightcatch we now know the same information as property owners do.  This includes, the time, the location, a description of the suspects, evidence of a crime, and more.  We also have communication channels established with the homeowners.

Security companies that offer 24/7 alarm services have contacted police on behalf of their customers for years.  This type of service is less common today as property owners often don’t want someone they don’t know accessing their security cameras.  The Crime Blocker service offers the best of both approaches.  We can contact the police on the customer’s behalf while ensuring 100% no access to a homeowner’s security cameras.

Q: What happens after I purchase this?
A: The Crime Blocker System requires a lot of work to put in place. Almost all of that work will be done by us.  We will need your input at points along the way, when it is really needed.
Once you have signed up there is a 7 step setup process.  You will receive regular weekly emails where the project is standing until the project is completed.

Q: How long is the setup?
A: The length of the project can vary widely.  Factors like the size and complexity of the property, a property owner’s familiarity with security system technology, mobile phones, and how quickly supplies are available.  Some of our shortest projects take under 2 weeks.  Some of the longer ones on rural properties can take months.

Q: Is there a refund policy or guarantee?
A:  We don't have a guarantee... we have TWO! That's right. We are guaranteeing your order 2X so you can know for certainty this is the RIGHT move to make, today!

We back your safety with our No-Risk Guarantee.   If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Crime Blocker service and you want your money back we will refund 100% of your purchase price or give the next 12 months service for free.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied for any reason with the service Lightcatch delivers in this plan and you want to cancel, we will refund 100% of Crime Blocker first year setup price paid to date.   Simply contact customer service at and we’ll return 100% of your money, no questions asked. It’s that simple.

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