Property crime has a way of surprising people.
Everything seems to be fine for long periods of time, then out of nowhere some unexpected thing happens. 

Sometimes it hurts financially. At times, the emotional price is the highest.

Today, any home and just about any business, can eliminate these kinds of experiences.

The solution is called Crime Blocker. The better the security you have now, the lower the cost to add Crime Blocker. 

Once in place, every piece of your security system will combine to work 200-1,000% better.

The cost to eliminate this risk is only $20-30/mo for a homeowner*.  

Financially guaranteed to work or your money is refunded.

A Misunderstood Problem

After studying 10,000 property crimes we learned that what most people think is good security is usually just random chance.  

It is so easy to believe there is good security in place, when there haven't been any problems lately.

We tend to assume everything will continue as it has been, and avoid preparing for the bad times that may come along.

It isn’t just with property crimes, where it is hard to see the real risk exposure.

There are banks, CEO’s, and billionaires that make money every day for years, and then one day find they are wiped out.  

Here is a graphic showing the 511 US bank failures from 2009 until March 2023.

In hindsight, most of the failures were preventable, but it required preparing for bad times as well as good times. 

Too many today, ignore the warnings, and wait to live through a crisis before preparing for the next one. 
After speaking with dozens of people that lost big from a single crime, we heard over and over how the few dollars saved, by ignoring the risk, just wasn’t worth it.

What Is Possible

Crime Blocker is so effective, you will be able to leave the house for the night, the weekend or even 6 months at a time without a concern what might happen while gone.

Being home alone will never be a worry.

When we claim you can improve the safety of your property 1000% better, that is a conservative estimate.  It's actually not that hard to get this big of an improvement, because the most popular solutions work so poorly.

Most security cameras owners will jump from a 1 in 262,000 chance of preventing a crime, to having an 8 out of 10 chance.

It may be helpful at this point to cover why too many well intentioned homeowners are still very vulnerable, even when they think they have their security looked after.

10 Years Of Evidence

In 2014 Ring cameras were released.  In 2015 Nest cameras came out.  A flood of cheap cameras followed.

This chart below shows what happened over the 10 years from 2010 to 2020.  Including:
1) The release dates of some of the most popular security cameras like Ring and Nest.
2) The actual FBI reported crime rate as the little orange bars
3) Studies that point to the real crime rate being 26 times higher in yellow. 
Since 2014, the public had been able to quickly setup a camera and then get alerts to their mobile phones.

Yet instead of truly making homes and property safer, what looks to have actually happened is that people stopped reporting their crimes to the police.

I've talked to so many people who described how this happened to them.  The first crime they experienced, they did all the things they are supposed to do.  If the first experience led them to feel nothing was done and that the system didn't work for them, then they naturally feel 'Why should I keep reporting when nothing gets done?'

The second and third crimes these people experience, they may report it to police, but more than likely they will not.

I once showed this chart to a policing veteran to ensure it wasn't missing some critical perspective.  To my surprise he went on to describe how as a student he had an expensive bicycle stolen from him.  For a period of time before he entered the police force, he felt this exact same way about reporting any future crimes.  

This is partly how the under reporting rate of crime mushroomed to being somewhere over 20 times higher than the official numbers in just ten years. 

The explosion of low cost synthetic crystal meth created demand for property crimes on a larger scale than ever before.  With weaker security than before, the wave kept growing.

I think we need to ask the question ‘Why did people become so frustrated with property crime over the last ten years, despite the explosion of things like doorbell cameras, social media and mobile phones that they stopped reporting on such a large scale?

If these things really worked, then crime should be just about stopped by now.  

Everyone would know 'Just get a doorbell camera and use social media' to keep your home safe. 

At the end of the day, all of these technologies are another isolated information system that has little to no impact on real crime. 

Based on the data, homeowner's still carry the risks of property crime, with things like doorbell cam's and security cameras as their only home security system.

Even worse, they often feel they have security, and therefore misunderstand the real level of risk they are exposed to.

More Proof Under Reporting Is A Key Part Of The Problem

If you want to see the independent proof how crime is being under reported read this section, otherwise use one of the buttons below to skip to what is most helpful
A search on Google shows lots of stories covering a high rate of package theft.

See all the highlights showing that in New York City alone, 90,000 packages are stolen on a daily basis?

That is a really big number.
Two large, credible organizations, the NY Times and 529 Garage, also conducted studies on this problem. 

They found the crime rate was 20-28 times higher than what was actually being reported to the police!

529 Garage is an organization that registers bicycles and that operates in almost all major US cities.  

They measured bicycle thefts in the US and found the real number of thefts was not 159,000 as the FBI was reporting, but was 2 Million.  

The NY Times examined the volume of package thefts from homes.  Their studies show property crimes were not 5 Million as the FBI was reporting, but package thefts alone, were adding up to 139 Million per year and climbing! 

Safewise and other organizations found the numbers may be close to double that, at 260 Million!

Together, just these two types of crimes from the NY Times study and the 529 Garage study add up to over 141 Million property crimes per year.
This article from NBC News covering how well a two year project using doorbell cameras worked out is yet another confirmation.

On Feb 2020 from the town of Winter Park, Florida USA, a department spokesman, Lt. Edwin Santos, stated, "The Winter Park Police Department hasn’t made a single arrest facilitated by footage obtained from Amazon Ring doorbell cameras since they partnered with the company in April 2018."

Two years later and not a single arrest.
The problem with all of these new technologies that looks so easy to use and so slick, is that they remain isolated tools. What gets communicated from them is random in quality.  The criminals end up being faster and more random than these tools can handle.

My Journey - Watching Thousands of Frustrated Victims

My name is Darren Boyer, the CEO of Lightcatch.

Our technology doesn't just transform a single properties safety level, it has reduced property crime rates across cities, counties and entire regions for as long as 24 months and running.  

Darren Boyer
Founder of Lightcatch
At first, our company built a free app that let everyone nearby see where they could safely and anonymously help, called Lightcatch. 

It was the first of its kind.

Despite being less than perfect, when decent quality alerts were made consistently on the app, crime rates crept down in several urban and rural locations. 

The type of community didn't matter.  If people's level of communicating and reporting went up, crime went down.

The bad actors would either get arrested, or they would scatter like cockroaches when the lights are turned on.
For a time, several regions had as high as a 60-81% recovery rate over  a six month period, when we used our ways of communicating to support alerts on the app.  There was a cost to doing this for everyone for free, so eventually that type of free support had to get cut back.

We found thousands of people would at times get engaged, and that engagement would transform how effective the police could act. 

Except huge levels of engagement and instant results required one condition.  That condition was that the public had to get high quality information.  If that happened, results wouldn't snowball, they would avalanche.
However, poorly configured security systems, combined with a victim’s lack of training on what to do in those crucial minutes before or after a crime, were the norm.

Together, those conditions turned into the two biggest reasons criminals could stay in business.

To our surprise, it wasn’t the police response time, the app's level of integration with the local police department, the laws, or the courts that affected the outcomes that much.

I know this runs very contrary to what is heard from many others experiences, but they didn't use our methodology.
We have the dozens, then hundreds, and growing to the thousands of successful preventions, recoveries, arrests, sentencing, and lowered crime rates that prove what we do works. 

Our data shows it is the property security systems quality, and then a very specific way of communicating that event, that can transform the safety level of a property.

The longer it takes for these two core issues to be dealt with, the longer your property remains a viable option for the desperate.

So on top of Lightcatch, we built Crime Blocker as a way to solve every single problem that causes a property owner to lose from property crime.

If you are looking for a perfect solution.  This is it. Guaranteed.
Case Study
Here is a real crime that took place on Dec 4 2021. 
Thieves rear ended and broke this chain link gate down.
Then they rammed the garage bay doors to get into the building. 
Once inside, they stole over $100,000 worth of tools.
On that same night, the criminals hit a second yard as well. 
Inside this building, the security cameras captured the truck as it was loading up the stolen items.
Over 36 hours after the crimes occurred, we saw the first alert on the Lightcatch app.  I called the creator to understand what had happened.
Then I took all the information provided and put it together in a very specific way.

First #3 appeared on the map.

Then #4.

And then #5 They had been seen spray painting the truck inside a car wash.  The car wash had kicked them out and that is why the truck still had a grey tailgate.

Then at #7 one suspect was arrested that night. 

All within 12 hours
Instead of information being isolated, like it was in the first 36 hours, now clear information began to flow, and the results began to build on one another, leading to an arrest. 
How Much Better Crime Blocker Would Work
Now, let’s see what would have happened if Crime Blocker had been used.
At 0 minutes: Immediately after the truck rams the gate, a sensor on the gate triggers an alarm connected to the alarm panel. Since the alarm system is armed, an audio alarm goes off while this is happening.

Security like this often stops the criminal right there, before any damage is done.
2 minutes: A 24/7 alarm monitoring vendor contacts the building manager to let him know that an alarm event had occurred, and that he should check their security cameras.
2 minutes 30 seconds: Manager has viewed the security cameras with his mobile phone, and can confirm. “Yes, this black truck doesn’t belong in our yard and the gate has been rammed open!”
3 minutes: The manager speaks over the camera audio. “You with the black truck and grey tailgate. Two guys with a red hoodie and blue hoodie, 911 has been called and the police are on the way.”

If they aren’t stoned out of their minds, the siren plus the voice that shows they are being watched will normally make them leave.

3 minutes 40 seconds: With his security camera app open, the manager presses the share button in the security camera app. 
5 minutes: Every single Lightcatch app user nearby sees this suspect vehicle. 
5 minutes: Our team, after viewing the video and seeing what took place, will begin communicating to the public and the police in the specific ways we know work the most effectively.
What took 48 hours should have taken 0 minutes to 20 minutes.
What cost over $100,000 in losses should have been a fraction of the cost.
What required enormous amounts of police and community resources could have been done at almost no cost.
What endangered lives on the roads and places the criminals went should have been shut down immediately.
Crime Blocker - Everything That Is Included
Three Reports Along With Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way
Should a suspicious activity or crime occur, we need the foundation of the security system to work correctly.  That foundation is prepared using three customized reports that are part of the Crime Blocker service.

First, we’ll analyze your property security together with you in an online meeting, using a satellite view of your property.

We'll use that meeting and information collected, to complete the Home Security Risk Analysis Report.  This report documents the risks to your property.

Next, a Design Report is prepared showing how those risks can be removed.

After that, we work with your existing security company to price out the upgrades that are needed.  Or we get Requests for Proposals from security companies that service where you live with the right level of expertise to deliver what is needed.
The goal of the first step is to get the right property security system in place and then tested to ensure it meets our standards.
SiteSafe helps you send high quality footage captured from your security cameras to Lightcatch in less than 10 seconds.  Here’s how:

SiteSafe only activates after you send it an email.  So your camera footage is always 100% private and secure to you.
What is shared using SiteSafe improves the results of an alert on Lightcatch 500%
24/7 911 + Police Support
The 24/7 Operations team will call 911.
Being able to contact 911 allows us to make direct contact with the police officer dispatched to the location.
We then forward images, videos and locations to the police department on your behalf. 
All this information is something that a normal 911 service cannot forward to the police department. 
With you using SiteSafe we can sidestep 911's information barriers, and help our first responders with clear pictures and video evidence.
24/7 Technical Support
+ 24/7 Community Support
24/7 Community Support ensures that every time someone uses the Lightcatch app to help you, the police get that information. 

We will also reach out to that anonymous witness on your behalf to ensure no critical details have been missed.
Our team then gets that information to the police as accurately and quickly as possible on your behalf.

With those additional witnesses responding, it becomes even easier for the police to respond with precision.
24/7 Technical Support
+ 24/7 Technical Support
This service makes it so simple.  You don't have remember what steps you need to do or how any of this is supposed to work. 

All you need to do is call the 1-800# we help save to your phone's contacts.

A support representative is always available to help walk you through every step you need to take.  Our goal is to help you get everything done in less than 10 minutes.  

Our customers consider this part of the service amazing.
24/7 Technical Support
Our No Risk Guarantee
If even one crime happens on your property, the next 12 months are free.
✔ If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Crime Blocker service, and you want your money back, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, or give the next 12 months service for free.
24/7 Technical Support
Consider Everything Crime Blocker Will Be Protecting
  • Loved ones safety
  • Home Value
  • Vehicles
  • ​Recreation Vehicles
  • ​Household Items
  • ​Garage Items
  • ​Personal Items
  • ​Peace of Mind
  • ​______________?
  • ​Value________?
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Total Value of Items Needing Protection:

Crime Blocker Pricing

Review Crime Blocker Risk-free For $88.
Crime Blocker is $88 per month for 12 months and $20 per month after that.

If you already have a home security system in place that doesn't require a Design Report and Request For Proposal process, the first year setup of Crime Blocker will drop to $48 per month. 
(No charge for Crime Blocker is made months 6-12.)

* - The average cost over 5 years for Crime Blocker is between $20-$30/mo.
Summary Of What Is Included

1 - Risk Analysis | Design Report | Request For Proposals

2 - SiteSafe

3 - 24/7 911 Support

4 - 24/7 Community Support

5 - 24/7 Technical Support

No Risk Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
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Review Crime Blocker risk-free for $88.
Crime Blocker is $88 per month for 12 months and $20 per month after that.

If you already have a home security system in place that doesn't require a Design Report and Request For Proposal process, the first year setup of Crime Blocker will drop to $48 per month. 
(No charge for Crime Blocker is made months 6-12.) 

* - The average cost over 5 years for Crime Blocker is between $20-$30/mo.
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