Secrets to Being A Worry Free Homeowner
If you consider your possessions important, then you might want to look into this...
I will be showing you the secrets behind why banks and rich homeowners have become untouchable and nobody robs them. 

The safety level of your home will be transformed.
There will never be a reason to worry if you leave the house and travel for weeks at a time.
Even if you are a long distance from the police, being alone won’t bother you.
The worst case scenarios that a bad crime can lead to, won't happen on your property.

Our approach even gives the police, the public, and even the justice system the ability to help support your safety in ways few people experience.  Most of the time you won't need their support.  Any potential property crimes will be stopped before they even get started.

Based on these hidden secrets that we discovered, we have built a Revolutionary Crime Prevention System, which we call Crime Blocker.
Did you know that in New York City alone, 90,000 packages are stolen on a daily basis?

389,000 packages are stolen across America every day.

That is about 139 million packages criminals take from people every year.

In just one city like Calgary Alberta, over 1,000 catalytic converters were stolen in 2021. That is over 3 every day.
The amazing thing is that nobody is asking the question ‘Why are crime rates barely changing despite the explosion of technology like doorbell cameras, social media and mobile phones?  

If those things really worked, then crime should be just about stopped by now.   Everyone would know 'Just get a doorbell camera and use social media' to keep your home safe.  

Banks don’t rely on doorbell cameras and social media apps to keep from being robbed, and neither should you.
My name is Darren Boyer, and I am the Founder and CEO of Lightcatch, I work with municipalities and property owners to lower crime rates in as fast as 90 days. I have worked with various cities and counties including the County of Grande Prairie, the Municipal District of Greenview, Parkland County and NCN Cree Nation.

This is the story of Crime Blocker - one of the world’s most revolutionary systems when it comes to helping homeowners prevent criminals from hurting their loved ones or stealing their property.

I had owned an IT company for over 12 years. And during this time, our customers would hit us with requests to help get footage downloaded after a theft.  We didn’t supply or support these systems, but we dealt with enough of with these requests that the team began to feel like that there was a real need to help in this area.

Then one day, an idea struck me...
Darren Boyer
Founder of Lightcatch
“Since everyone carries a mobile phone around in their pocket, why don’t we show everyone nearby what is happening and where?
Why don’t we then use the automatic location services in their phones, so that all updates could be seen by the people that are near enough to be a witness for the police?
If we could show everything on a map, then the police will know exactly where to go.“  

We had a lot of policing interested in this project.  The public that saw it working in our tests was very excited. 

It seemed so obvious that once everyone knew how much better this worked no one would ever want to go back to the old systems.

But I was also the father of six children, 50 years old and lived in Canada.  I just didn’t fit the normal profile of someone who was supposed to do things like this.  On top of that, I wasn’t willing to move.  All of those things were like a glass ceiling over my head.

After dozens of conversations it came to the point where we hit a crossroad.  I could either keeping trying to change the world or I could look back one day after someone else had stolen the idea, gone on to build it to the success I knew it could be, and then live with the regrets the rest of my life.  The choice was mine....

We put everything we had into moving forward.  A lot of money, and a good dose of anxiety later, the free Lightcatch app was born.

It was both an explosive start but also a rocky start at first, mostly because we didn’t have funds to build everything that was needed at once. 

But then some amazing successes started to happen. The downloads kept growing and growing into the tens of thousands, just by word of mouth.  Hundreds more experienced successful results.
Just as covid lockdowns started, the app users were getting 41% of the stolen items on it recovered. We were celebrating - I mean criminals were losing over 40% of the time.  Sometimes it was less than 3 minutes after the stolen item was put on the app, that the police had enough information to recover it. 
Then one day I got a call from Tom, a member of our Advisory Board.  Tom was a 25 year veteran of the Calgary Police Service.  He sounded polite but he wanted to see some drastic changes take place.

Tom observed that while the app was performing well, it was falling short of its true potential. The problem was that everyone was using the app in a different way when they reported something.

While some victims had great pictures, others had none.  It was even hard sometimes to know what someone actually wanted help with. 
Tom wanted us to make everyone’s alerts the same, at our own expense.  “Put the information the way the police would want to see it,” he advised. And then he showed us how to do that.  

Over the next few months, the success rate of stolen items being recovered jumped from 41% to as much as 80%.
Enforcement services across different regions got really excited and started to recommend the Lightcatch app to the communities that they served.  More and more Rural Crime Watch groups were using it.  Even a few police detachments began recommending that every new member get the app.  

While this all seemed so good, there were still some big problems that kept benefiting the criminals over and over.   I’d never heard of people talk about these issues but they were really big. 
99% of crimes had no clear video of the suspect and the crime.
93% of crimes were reported over 1 hour late.
I couldn’t quite put my finger on why these reporting stats looked so bad. It was happening all over, in cities and in rural areas.

None of these people wanted to be crime victims.  None of them wanted to report so late or send such bad information.  Yet they remained stuck. And then we began to ask questions - Why are these people stuck like this?  

The bottom line was this: The more people tried to fortify their homes, the more gadgets they bought, the more the crime problem stayed the same. 

There was one other part to this puzzle that was really strange.  I could never find any one organization or person who really owned this problem.  

The police, the insurance companies, the lawyers, the courts, the criminologists, the politicians, and the technology experts all just said this was a really complicated problem.  

All these institutions and layers of beauracracy existed to help the public, yet all of them felt at the end of the day the suffering that people were going through wasn’t 100% their problem.  There always seemed to be some other cause in some other part of the system that was out of their hands. 

Since no one actually had to stand up and say ‘I can fix this problem!’ These organizations too often left the problem for someone else to solve.

No one owning this problem was leaving it like an untreated festering wound.
Then it Hit Me. 
(Actually, it was more like this continuous drumbeat deep down inside that would never stop.)
If homeowners only only understood they have the power to transform their property safety right now.   They are the key.
Let me explain....

After thousands of property crimes on Lightcatch, and our unique approach, we probably had a lot better data to work with.  With all this data the problem no longer seemed very complicated. 

The majority of victims were doing one of two things.  They were either trying to lock up their place with fencing and locked doors and lighting or they were trying to throw up cameras and catch anything that happens as proof to forward to the police,

The data showed that both of these approaches were almost the same in their effectiveness.  All of the cameras people had installed had made very little difference.

What was happening in both cases was that the delays and lack of good data was making it so no one could truly own the problem.  Without good data about a crime coming into the system, criminals were constantly able to slip through the cracks, ending up back on the streets to do it again.

In fact, this problem has gotten so big it’s kind of surprising how it just snuck up on everyone.  Take the city of New York for an example. Every morning of every single day thieves go out and steal 90,000 packages.

Every morning the police wake up, knowing another 90,000 packages are about to be stolen and they go out trying to catch the bad guys.

Instead of the thieves being afraid of doorbell cameras, Facebook, and next door neighbours, the criminals just don’t care.   Instead of the police being able to catch and stop enough of them that the theives stop stealing 90,000 packages they can’t.

This is not just package thefts, there are also vehicle thefts, quad thefts, catalytic convertor thefts, copper theft, fuel thefts, trailer thefts, shoplifting theft, hundreds of thousands of bicycle thefts, thefts of items from inside your garage, and thefts from criminals breaking into homes and businesses.  

The problem was all the same. In almost every case, the reporting comes too slow, and the video footage is rarely good enough.

This sickening pattern of theft happens all over the US and Canada.  

Even though the two countries have different laws about crime, different rules about guns and self-defense, different police forces, and different court systems - none of these things make a real difference in keeping people safe.

Many of these crimes are being committed by desperate addicts, which means that they are not well planned and sophisticated, they are just desperate people who are willing to try anything.  

When desperate addicts and a few repeat offenders can get away with this kind of thing over and over they end up causing a trail of emotional and financial damage to innocent people. They can get so used to forcing their way through crimes that sometimes when someone gets in their way the victim ends up getting killed.  

It doesn’t take someone dying to have deep scars though.  I’ve talked to many people who never expected something to happen to them.  Even when the crime wasn’t that serious, the victims who live through it are often deeply affected for years afterwards.  That is something insurance never pays for.  

I want to show you today how many people are leaving these kinds of worries a thing of the past.
Lightcatch Starts To Show The Key To Safefy...
Before introducing you to the power behind the revolutionary Crime Blocker system, I want to show you a real crime that took place on Dec 4 2021. 
Thieves rear ended and broke this chain link gate.
Then they rammed the garage bay doors to get into the building. 
Once inside, they stole over $100,000 worth of tools.
On that same night, the criminals hit a second yard as well. 
Inside this building, the security cameras captured the truck as it was loading up the stolen items.
Over 36 hours after the crimes occurred, we saw the first alert on the Lightcatch app.  I called the creator to understand what had happened.
Then I took all the information provided and put it together exactly as Tom had taught us.  

First #3 appeared on the map.

Then #4.

And then #5 They had been seen spray painting the truck inside a car wash.  The car wash had kicked them out and that is why the truck still had a grey tailgate.

Then at #7 one suspect was arrested that night. 

All within 12 hours
See, instead of no one being able to own this problem, like in the first 36 hours, now many people felt an ownership about what had happened.  When they helped, now the police could own the problem in a much better way. 

It all started with two property owners getting better data out quickly.
If They Had Used Crime Blocker (How  Crime Blocker Works)
Now, let’s see what would have happened if these victims had used Crime Blocker...
At 0 minutes: Immediately after the truck rams the gate, a sensor on the gate triggers an alarm connected to the alarm panel. Since the alarm system is armed an audio alarm goes off while this is happening.

Security like this often stops the criminal right there, before any damage is done.
2 minutes: The 24/7 alarm monitoring company contacts the building manager to let him know that an alarm event had occurred, and that he should check their security cameras.
2 minutes 30 seconds: Manager has viewed the security cameras with his mobile phone, and could confirm. “Yes, this black truck doesn’t belong in our yard and the gate has been rammed open”
3 minutes: The manager speaks over the camera audio. “You with the black truck and grey tailgate. Two guys with a red hoodie and blue hoodie, 911 has been called and the police are on the way.”

If they aren’t stoned out of their minds, the siren plus the voice, will normally make them leave.

3 minutes 40 seconds: With his security camera app open, the manager presses the share button in the security camera app. 
5 minutes: Every single Lightcatch app user nearby sees this suspect vehicle. 
5 minutes: Our team, after viewing the video and seeing what took place, will begin adding more information.  The way Tom trained us to do it.
What took 48 hours would take 0-20 minutes with Crime Blocker.
But there’s a lot more that is coming.
Why Crime Blocker Is  Different
You see, when you send every property owner nearby
video footage of a crime
it is near them
it just happened less than 5 minutes ago
With clarity
the police are involved

Then ask ‘
Please, look for the suspect vehicle in this video seen doing a crime right now. If you see it update the location to help the police stop it.

Someone is probably going to help right now.

If the suspect happens to catch their eye anytime within the next few minutes, or if they have just seen the suspect, then BOOM!

Update 2 reaches a new group of app users.

The police will get this information via 911 and the officer on the file will get it via text.  Our 24/7 Lightcatch Operations team is there to make sure it is forwarded to them.  

The more people who confirm the suspects movement, the easier it is for the police to respond.
When you give people the tools and the information to make it easy to help, the results are not a little bit better, they are 5-10x better.

Why Everyone Missed It...

Talking about bad data, today 100% of calls to 911 cannot report a picture or video of what a suspect looks like to the police!
So this means if a man with a gun was in your front lawn threatening you, it is impossible to send a photo of that man with the gun to the police to show what he looks like over 911

The police will have to respond to your report, and risk their lives, based on how you describe the gunman to a 911 operator.

You also need to describe the address, with the hope that the 911 dispatch gets the location right...
Having terrible data like this to work with makes it very hard for a police force to own the problem of property crime

If you are telling them to look for a white car that just stole something, well it could be any white car, there are lots of white cars.  If they miss the white car, how can you blame them.

But what if we had a method that within 5 minutes we could show the police the white car?  What if everyone in the area now saw the same white car?

Now everyone can either own the problem or ignore the problem, but they can’t easily say ‘This is not my problem.’
As an Operations Team, we call 911 for our Crime Blocker customers.
We make sure that the police team responding can see which white car to look for.
We also ensure every other piece of information the police may need is going to to get to them as fast as possible. 
All in a way the 911 system can’t.

But wait, is this legal?
Yes! It is not only legal, but it is the best way.  We call 911 almost every day.  We know what the 911 Operators want and need.

For example, in this very case, our team were the ones who spotted that the tailgate was grey, and the truck was black. This information was left out in the report from the business at first, but it was critical to speeding up the police response.

Including Google and Amazon...

If you have ever bought a security camera system like Google Nest or Amazon, you will know that they are cheap, easy to install, and many homeowners believe it can help them keep an eye on their homes while they are not around.
Unfortunately, while they may look and feel nice there is almost no evidence they’ve helped people really keep crime from coming to their home;

During an NBC News report on Feb 2020 from the town of Winter Park, Florida USA, a department spokesman, Lt. Edwin Santos, stated,
The Winter Park Police Department hasn’t made a single arrest facilitated by footage obtained from Amazon Ring doorbell cameras since they partnered with the company in April 2018.
You see, with poor data it becomes really hard for any police service to own a problem like your items being stolen, and it becomes almost impossible for them to prevent crime before it even happens.

Even with the latest AI powered camera, the fact a homeowner has to watch the alerts on their phone 24 hours per day 7 days per week while a criminal usually needs less than 10 minutes becomes a fatal flaw in the system that causes homeowner safety to crash over and over again.

So in the end, cameras alone, are barely better than nothing at all when it comes to living worry free about crime.
Join The Movement
We at Lightcatch are on a mission. I know we can eliminate crime from happening on your property with Crime Blocker. 

If enough homeowners nearby join you, it will become harder and harder for a criminal to even try crime in that area.

I want you to join me today in getting your property secured by starting with only $88. 

Once you say ‘Yes,’ we can get started. And I assure you that several steps are going to happen real quickly. 

What happens next?
First, after you sign up with us, we’ll analyze your property and uncover every blind spot and loophole in the security. You’ll get a Home Security Risk Analysis Report showing the risks to your property, and what is needed to fix it.
Second, after you agree to have any gaps filled we do one of two things.

Either we work with your existing security company to price out the upgrades that are needed. 

Or we get you two proposals from local security companies in your area who know what they are doing. 
(We just help make others security systems awesome.)
Third, once your security systems and equipment is in place, you will leap to a homeowner who has the power to stop a crime before it ever happens.
Fourth, we are going to provide a very critical part of the Crime Blocker engine.  This part is so important it has it’s own special name - SiteSafe.

SiteSafe helps you send high quality footage captured from your security cameras to Lightcatch in less than 10 seconds.  Here’s how:

SiteSafe only activates after you send it an email.  So your camera footage is always 100% private and secure to you.
Remember how Tom told us how to improve everything to make it police level quality? This is what our SiteSafe customers enjoy that the free Lightcatch app users don’t have. With SiteSafe, the effectiveness of any footage you ever share is going to multiply after we are done working with it.

With SiteSafe, you will never be fumbling around, wondering what to type of video to send, or how to get that video on Lightcatch. This service will do it automatically for you.  

And that is not all that we will be providing...
  • Taps email as the share option
  • ​Taps To: field
  • ​Starts typing SiteSafe
  • ​Taps the contact SiteSafe as it loads
  • ​Taps Send
  • ​Done
There is 24/7 911 Support
This Service makes it a snap to contact 911.  The 24/7 Operations team prefers to do it for you.
Being able to contact 911 allows us to make direct contact with the police officer dispatched to the location.
We then forward images, videos and locations to the police department on your behalf.  All the information that 911 cannot provide.
24/7 Technical Support
+ 24/7 Community Support
24/7 Community Support holds the secret to ensure that every time someone uses the Lightcatch to help you, the police get that information.  We also ensure that the person helping doesn't miss any critical details.  
We don't take any chances that the police might not get the right information. Our team takes what people add to the Lightcatch app and then gets it to the police as accurately and quickly as possible on your behalf.

With 2 or more of the public nearby confirming the issue from your alert is real, it makes it so much easier for the police to respond.
24/7 Technical Support
+ 24/7 Technical Support
This service makes it simple to get Emergency support where someone can help walk you through every step you need to take on how to use your security cameras, SiteSafe or Lightcatch.

You’ll never be alone or forced to remember what steps you need to do.
24/7 Technical Support
Our No Risk Guarantee
If even one crime happens on your property, the next 12 months are free.
✔ If you have even ONE property insurance claim while enrolled in the Crime Blocker service, and you want your money back, we will refund 100% of your purchase price, or give the next 12 months service for free.
24/7 Technical Support
Try this revolutionary Crime Blocker system today, and never worry about this issue for the rest of your days.

I’ve also put in two bonuses that I know you will find really helpful.
BONUS #1: Risk Management Report
  • A special comprehensive report on your property for your Home Insurance Company.
  • Qualify for 5-15% discount on your property insurance each and every year.
  • ​($100-$500 value per year or $500-$2,500 over 5 yrs)
  • ​Enjoy the financial benefits from showing your insurance provider you are the lowest risk kind of a client.​
BONUS #2: Referral Rebates
  • Cash Credits: Get up to $400 back on the cost of the Crime Blocker service.
  • ​This cash rebate gives you the keys to helping homeowners near your property also get the same level of protection.
  • People you refer who become customers also get up to a $200 cash credit.​ ($800 Value)
Let Me Show You Everything You Get When You Order Crime Blocker Today!

1 - Crime Blocker Blueprint

2 - SiteSafe

3 - 24/7 911 Support

4 - 24/7 Community Support

5 - 24/7 Technical Support

No Risk Guarantee

 BONUS #1: Risk Management Report

 BONUS #2: Referral Rebates

After studying close to 10,000 property crimes I’m convinced this is the best possible way for someone to protect their property.
Consider Everything Crime Blocker Will Be Protecting
  • Loved ones safety
  • Home Value
  • Vehicles
  • ​Recreation Vehicles
  • ​Household Items
  • ​Garage Items
  • ​Personal Items
  • ​Peace of Mind
  • ​______________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​Value________?
  • ​​Value________?
Total Value of Items Needing Protection:
Get Started Today
Crime Blocker is only $88/mo for 12 months
Then it drops to $15/mo after month 12
Frequently Asked Questions
See The Future
Thanks for reading this far.  I want to show you one last thing that is really cool.

If other homeowners near where you live start using and sharing the Bonus #2: Referral Rebates that come with Crime Blocker this picture shows what the future could look like around your home.

Neighbour This Way

Neighbour Behind You

Neighbour That Way

Neighbours West


Neighbours East

Neighbour This Way Front

Neighbours Facing You

Neighbour That Way Front

Imagine if everyone nearby could stop threats to their property with Crime Blocker?  

The Referral Rebates can help transform the peace of mind in your whole community.  

Let me be clear, I’m 100% confident that Crime Blocker alone is all that is needed to have the best possible protection for your property.

But I also know that having 10 or 20 Crime Blocker users nearby will create something like a spider web that a desperate criminal can’t help but caught in, usually long before they even try a crime. 

Being so visible and 'caught and tracked' like this will make the whole community a complete pain in every potential criminals backside.  They will soon learn to try going somewhere else.

(In this case the police are like the spider, and they come and take the criminal, who is like the annoying fly, away.)
 Get Crime Blocker to Make the Risk of Property Crime Go Away.
Use the Referral Rebates to Help Make The Whole Neighbourhood Safe.
Crime Blocker is only $88/mo for 12 months
Then it drops to $15/mo after month 12
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